The seminar as the start for a platform on NFT growing of lettuce and herbs ?

The seminar was a success. With over 120 participants of 25 countries on 6 continents, the interest was really widespread. The ideal mix of growers, suppliers, researchers and consultants turned the seminar into a place were people involved in hydroponic lettuce and herb growing could exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas.

Over 20 speakers delivered food for thought and inspiration for conversations during the breaks and daily practice after the seminar.

We at Hortiplan received a lot of positive feedback on the event.

We are thinking on how to move ahead from this point. With the group of people that were present at the event - and even more people who wanted to be present but couldn't - there is already a platform where experiences can be exchanged and new ideas can be formed.

If anyone has suggestions on how to move forward from here, please share them at this blog.


International seminar on NFT growing of lettuce and herbs organized by Hortiplan

With commercial MGS installations in Australia, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, UK and USA, Hortiplan has a lot of experience in building MGS installations.

Hortiplan sets the standard for automated lettuce and herb growing systems.

To prove its dedication to lettuce and herb growers worldwide, Hortiplan took the initiative to organize a seminar.

We brought together top researchers and consultants in order to compose a challenging program.

As of this moment, following speakers have confirmed their presence and the subject they will cover (in alphabetical order) :

Els Berckmoes (Belgium)
Anthony Brouwers (Netherlands)
Saskia Buysens (Belgium)
Marc Coene (Belgium)
Gregory Goins (USA)
Robert Koch/Andreas Teichert (Germany)
Simon Lennard (New Zealand)
Mike Nichols (New Zealand)
Bert Stas (Belgium)
Isabel Vandevelde (Belgium)
Nico Vergote (Belgium)

We really hope to welcome you at this event, which is probably one of a kind.

In the weeks to come, we will communicate the final program on this blog.

For more information or registration, please contact Kurt Cornelissen : kurt.cornelissen@hortiplan.com